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Product Code : EL-MD-10580
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Mobile resuscitation table for neonatal patients, with warmer
Sturdy construction, with 4 anti-static swivel castors and 2 brakes
Side handle for easy moving
Side rail and IV pole for mounting accessories and equipment
With lower drawer for storage
Vertical column with controls and display
Integrated support for 2 x 10 l oxygen cylinders
Side panels, transparent acrylic resin, collapsible/foldable for complete accessibility

Surface 60 W x 76 L cm (minimum guaranteed dimensions)
Mattress covering the entire table surface, thickness 5 cm
Mattress cover flame-retardant, waterproof and cleanable with
Hospital-grade disinfection products

Heating system:
Modes: manual
Overhead radiant heater, fixed height
Radiant heating by quartz/ceramic elements, parabolic
Reflector and safety grid
Integrated cradle heating
Uniform heat distribution
Lighting system:
Integrated in the overhead radiant heater
With 2 x halogen additional spot examination lights
Servo-controlled, electronic and driven by skin temperature
Power requirements: 220 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption: 1,100 W
Skin temperature sensor accuracy ± 0.3 ºC
Manual and pre-heating settings 10 – 80 % by 10 % steps
Instant switch between manual and servo modes
Skin temperature setting 34 – 38 ºC, with 0.1 ºC increments.
Display panel, integrated in the column, visualizing working parameters and alarms
Displayed parameters: mode, heating power (%), pre-set temperature
Audio-visual alarms for skin temperature, heating system and sensors failure


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